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I read for pleasure, but only with one eye. The other eye belongs to the writer in me, and is tuned to different wavelengths. In time I plan to populate this page with reviews of the books I read. It’s not my aim to recommend the most enjoyable, challenging, moving or disturbing novels to the discerning reader, or even to highlight those to avoid. Instead, I’ll give you the writer’s views, not asking – is this novel good, bad or indifferent – but answering the question – what can a writer learn from reading this. It’s rarely the best text which has most to teach us, not the finest literature. Learn from your mistakes they say – but I’ve always found learning from other people’s just as effective and considerably less painful.

A Treachery of Spies
by Manda Scott

Alone in Berlin
by Hans Fallada

Thing of Darkness

This Thing of Darkness
by Harry Thomson

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